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I present to you a collection of the best videos from my selections that were released in 2020. This includes the best moments from my videos, they are all incredibly interesting, exciting and emotional videos. Let's relive these emotions. Thanks to everyone who was with me on my channel in 2020! Happy viewing! ------------------------------------- 00:03-01:00 @ViralHog 01:01-01:31 @Siddharth Gandhi 01:31-01:47 @Jukin Media 02:34-03:02 @ViralHog 04:09-04:46 @BlacktipH 06:03-06:57 @Kerry Dunne 07:51-08:38 @ViralHog 08:51-09:07 @ViralSnare Rights Management 09:35-10:03 @MsCarevich 10:47-11:56 @Storyful Rights Management 11:56-12:09 @ViralSnare Rights Management 13:34-14:35 @Dragon Deano 14:35-16:01 @ViralSnare Rights Management 16:01-16:18 @sagitzian 16:52-18:04 @ViralSnare Rights Management 18:04-18:42 @Jukin Media 18:42-19:10 @ViralSnare Rights Management 19:10-19:45 @Odense Zoo ------------------------------------- The channel has no monetization and is not commercial. If you have a claim for authorship, please contact me at: podborkintv@mail.ru

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